What is Heli Hiking? Who can Heli Hike?


What is heli hiking?

Basically, helicopter-supported hiking enables smooth access in a matter of minutes to remote and pristine mountain terrain, to get to which in the normal course would take many hours or days of demanding travel by road and foot. The chopper insertion is not just quick, but also breathtaking, as it offers spectacular views of the most majestic mountains on Earth. Once delivered at the selected spot, you can trek, explore or simply hang out and picnic. At the end of the day, the helicopter will pick you up and bring you back to the base hotel.


Who can Heli hike?

Everyone. Simply because the walking is at your own pace, comfort and inclination. So whether you are moderately fit or sedentary, pre-teen or post-60, wish to walk 100 meters or 10 kilometers, Heli-hiking is for you.

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